It takes more than money to open a bank account, establish a new business relationship, and have someone to do your bookkeeping. When you do business, you hand over a great deal of personal information to your business partners. We understand your personal information is more valuable than money. At Stockient, we treat your financial information, materials, data, and documents with security, confidentiality, and integrity. We establish and constantly monitor our internal policies and procedures to safeguard your financials.

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Becoming a small business owner has unique challenges and rewards that aren’t right for everyone. It is a mistake to assume that small businesses lack the sophistication and the needs for information management and decision tools. Stockient provides a number of services to support small businesses owners to be well informed in making smart decisions. From doing bookkeeping service to implementing web- and mobile-based solutions, Stockient is the right partner to grow your small business.

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As a savvy business owner, you have a strong sense of where your business is going. The people at Stockient thrive to help your business going successfully for as long as possible. We don’t want to give you meaningless financial statements because you’re required to do so. When we record your transactions and produce timely and accurate financial statements, we dig deeper and analyze the data. Our professionals have over a decade of experience and financial knowledge to help find the right opportunity in your numbers.

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On the wish list of nearly every small business owner is the desire for more time. More time to enjoy leisure activities, more time to devote to the important things in life, more time to improve your business operations. We share the same belief. That’s why we create secured web and mobile apps to simplify your life. Just take a photo of your receipts, invoices, bank statements with our app and we take care the rest.

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At Stockient, our main objective is to support small business owners to manage and grow the business through accounting, analytics, and automation. By keeping your accounting and financial statements accurate and up-to-date, you have a peace of mind knowing where your business stands. We also help small businesses to prepare for analytics and answer specific questions from your data. Through automation services surrounding QuickBooks Online tools, we help to streamline your back-office operations and recognize more savings to your bottom line.

Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Online

  • QBO Setup and Training
  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Check-Up
  • Payroll

Management Decision Support

  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Business Intelligence:
    Dashboard & KPI Design
  • Business Process Improvement

Systems Implementation

  • QBO 3rd-party Systems Integration
  • QBO Custom Development

We even make it easier for you




photo or document




photo or document



Done. We take

care of the rest


Our team brings a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience to our clients. We employ dedicated, smart, hardworking, and integrous consultants and bookkeepers to assist you in every endeavor. From analyzing financial performance, creating dashboard and KPIs, to developing custom solutions, we have the right expertise to tackle critical issues and come up with workable solutions.

Our singular focus on small business clients means that we are aligned by a common passion. We are professionally-trained entrepreneurs so we understand the challenges and rewards of growing a small business. Our team is the expert and has implemented cost-effective tools and proven business solutions for small businesses. We work in the background so you can focus on your core business.

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Ronny Hoesada

Founder & CEO

As the founder of Stockient, Ronny is the CEO and Executive Consultant. He brings over 15 years of proven leadership and functional properties in financial management, business process improvement, and systems implementation. He is a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Prior to founding Stockient, Ronny served as CFO and Controller with a variety of global distribution and retail companies in consumer product industries. He has provided direct leadership in financial and operations management, as well as corporate development and strategy. He started his career as a Management Consultant at Big 4 accounting firm. He’s also a co-founder of a funded educations startup in SF Bay Area.

Ronny holds B.A. with Honors in Economics and M.B.A. degrees from The University of California at Berkeley. He received a Certificate of Global Management and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Haas School of Business.

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